2017 jettison

Just like that this new year is upon us. Seems like everyone is a little on edge right now with the election and the state of current events. Thank god Mardi Gras is just around the corner!  This year has already started  off with a wave of momentum. We had a  great 3 days of recording  with Robert Walter's 20th  Congress at Parlor studio in New Orleans. That session also featured Victor Little and Simon Lott recording some hip tunes of Robert's.Had another cool  recording session with Matt Booth's Palindromes group with Doug Garrison and Brad Walker at Living Room studios. Another great creative project. Be on the lookout for those and a New Solo project in the works! Gasp...!  I've been writing and rewriting, so I hope to continue on that flow and create new avenues of  musical expression to be shared soon.

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