This summer hasn't been nearly as slow as I had hoped for. Things have been popping here in New Orleans. I have been focusing a lot  on being sideman lately, so my album has got pushed way back. However, I am happy to report that it is getting mastered right now! I'll be posting some of tracks here soon.  Also, be on the look out for the forthcoming Long Sidewalks album with Jeb Bishop and whole lot of Nola Cats. Jeff Albert was playing it at the Blue Nile after our Trapper Keeper gig and it sounded great over that large sound system.  I have managed to take some vacation time, went to the beach a few times which is oh so restorative to me. I finally went to the the Walter Anderson and the George Ohr Museums . Two great southern artist that turned out LOADS  of great art in a personal style.  The Freedom summer exhibit at the Mississippi museum of art was also very heavy! Amazing photos that offer some serious perspective on the fight for civil rights.  Oh, and I even made it to Provincetown on Cape Code. The water was too cold to get in though (in June), what's up with that?  Big Things coming , check back soon. Peace. CA

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