The Winter

We survived the winter storms of 2014. The Polar Vortex!! New Orleans only saw a little bit of ice.  My Chicago friends will laugh, but I had a hard time dealing with it.
These New Orleans shotgun houses are not built for the cold. My attic is much warmer than the inside of my house!
Anyhow, the cold did provide a lots of inside time to work on mixing the new record.  In addition, I also went back in the studio with Tommy and Julian
and recorded four more songs. Ethan White, of the band Tortured Soul, laced the tracks with some nice overdubbed organ and keys. It is so much fun working with great musicians in the studio. I definitely am going to try to do more studio recording in the near future. On this past session, Julian Garcia was playing drum set rather than frame drum; I was reminded what a unique and total badass he is on drum set.  Most of my playing with him is on the frame drum. 
So it looks like we got some good takes which means all the basic tracks are done. Now I just have to get mixing and fine tune some things.
Peace and Love.

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