New Album Out Now!

Saxaphone and guitar duo with the fantastic Scott Johnson! I have really been enjoying the challenge of a sax & guitar instrumentation in a fully improvised situation. It is challenging but freeing because the combination has little historical baggage. Although I do love when Olver Lake and Michael Gregory Jackson recorded together. This one features clean electric guitar with no effects.

Just released fantastic live set with these phenoms

A recording of this quartet's first meeting of their live improvised performance from Willimantic Records in Connecticut July 23rd 2022. A huge thanks to Gary Higgins and everyone at Willimantic Records.



Out now on Ramble Records!

Chris Alford and Will Thompson's 2nd album. Released on limited edition vinyl - Overtone Undertow.

New Orleans based, Mississippi born guitarist and composer Chris Alford keeps feet in the muddy roots with eyes looking beyond the horizon.

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