Welcome to the  website!  This is the spot for information on New Orleans based guitarist/composer Chris Alford. 

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 Here is a  video  of a improvised duo with  Bass titan James Singelton from a WWOZ fund drive in  2016

2017 jettison 

Just like that this new year is upon us. Seems like everyone is a little on edge right now with the election and the state of current events. Thank god Mardi Gras is just around the corner!  This year has already started  off with a wave of momentum. We had a  great 3 days of recording  with Robert Walter's 20th  Congress at Parlor studio in New Orleans. That session also featured Victor Little and Simon Lott recording some hip tunes of Robert's.Had another cool  recording session with Matt Booth's Palindromes group with Doug Garrison and Brad Walker at Living Room studios. Another great creative project. Be on the lookout for those and a New Solo project in the works! Gasp...!  I've been writing and rewriting, so I hope to continue on that flow and create new avenues of  musical expression to be shared soon.

siffly album  Podcast

I finally got around to finishing  this siffly  album. Siffly  is a deranged improvising  band consisting of Micah Blouin, Simon Lott (Context Killer) and myself.  We all play a variety of instruments and everyone is on vocals. The band is some of the most daring unhinged improvising I've been apart of.  This album is a straight up live show from an Open Ears show at the Blue Nile in New Orleans in fall of 2013.  I mixed it and Simon engineered the really great live sounds.  


Check it out!
  1. Humans and Alliteration

Yes, now you can touch the bubble. 

Alright, finally got the new record mastered! That took way too long but , distractions can be oh so fun- can't they?
I got a few tracks on the music page. The whole album will be on bandcamp  shortly, as soon as I can figure out some artwork.
DIY is such a slow learning process, alas I already started working on ideas for a new solo guitar record. Check out some of those new ideas out at the sound cloud page.
Peace and Blessings! Stay Curious !


  This summer hasn't been nearly as slow as I had hoped for. Things have been popping here in New Orleans. I have been focusing a lot  on being sideman lately, so my album has got pushed way back. However, I am happy to report that it is getting mastered right now! I'll be posting some of tracks here soon.  Also, be on the look out for the forthcoming Long Sidewalks album with Jeb Bishop and whole lot of Nola Cats. Jeff Albert was playing it at the Blue Nile after our Trapper Keeper gig and it sounded great over that large sound system.  I have managed to take some vacation time, went to the beach a few times which is oh so restorative to me. I finally went to the the Walter Anderson and the George Ohr Museums . Two great southern artist that turned out LOADS  of great art in a personal style.  The Freedom summer exhibit at the Mississippi museum of art was also very heavy! Amazing photos that offer some serious perspective on the fight for civil rights.  Oh, and I even made it to Provincetown on Cape Code. The water was too cold to get in though (in June), what's up with that?  Big Things coming , check back soon. Peace. CA

The Winter 

We survived the winter storms of 2014. The Polar Vortex!! New Orleans only saw a little bit of ice.  My Chicago friends will laugh, but I had a hard time dealing with it.
These New Orleans shotgun houses are not built for the cold. My attic is much warmer than the inside of my house!
Anyhow, the cold did provide a lots of inside time to work on mixing the new record.  In addition, I also went back in the studio with Tommy and Julian
and recorded four more songs. Ethan White, of the band Tortured Soul, laced the tracks with some nice overdubbed organ and keys. It is so much fun working with great musicians in the studio. I definitely am going to try to do more studio recording in the near future. On this past session, Julian Garcia was playing drum set rather than frame drum; I was reminded what a unique and total badass he is on drum set.  Most of my playing with him is on the frame drum. 
So it looks like we got some good takes which means all the basic tracks are done. Now I just have to get mixing and fine tune some things.
Peace and Love.

New album 

The new Chris Alford Group album is shaping up very nicely. Half of it has already been recorded and mixed! Two more sessions at Word of Mouth Studio in Algiers and hopefully tracking will be complete. Julian Garcia, Tommy Sciple, Rex Gregory and Michael Skinkus sound amazing on the current tracks. It's gonna be a hot record!
It really has that southern  vibe to it.