The Secret Stop

Free Jazz/Improvised Music from New Orleans/Houston based musicians.

"Kamins intersperses long, coarse tones with emphatic pops, and Alford evidences a fluent stutter that suggests he's spent a lot of time studying James "Blood" Ulmer's sound grammar. Pagano's cymbal sizzle and mutating not-quite-patterns provide both forward momentum and a framework within which the action occurs."

Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine

"For me, this is one of Danny's best albums... the music is basically free jazz, with elements of free post-punk, and free post-bop... "Our Secret" is notable for its extremely expressive alto line and permanent changes of moods, from an eruption-like volcano to peaceful meditations. I also adore the final track "The Secret Stop", again for its dynamics and truly stunning saxophone lines. Bravi tutti!"

Maciej Lewenstein, author of The Amateur's Guide To Avant Garde

released August 14, 2023
Chris Alford- Guitar
Charles Pagano-Drums
Danny Kamins- Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones


Fresh electric guitar duos with mentor and creative visionary Joe Morris. A document of our first encounter in summer of 2021. 

Declaration of Resonance: CD
  • Declaration of Resonance: CD
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Out now on Mystic Form Records. Declaration of Resonance features longtime collaborators Will Thompson (WATIV) on his acoustic augmented piano invention, the Infastain Piano, and Chris Alford on resonator guitar. This album was recorded on election night, November 2020, in Will's New Orleans shotgun home as the duo spiraled through feelings of hopelessness and a nervous sense of relief.

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